Operating consultation Engineering on:

Factory safety inspection/audit.
建築結構安全鑑定、監測與試驗(住宅,商業大厦,工廠) ,工程審計與評估

A. Soil Test ( Mackintosh Probe Test) / 土壤測試
- Important in geotechnical site investigation. This is a ratio of tunneling equipment, particularly when moderate depth exploration of the soil under investigation soft or loose.
- It is to guarantee good-quality implementation of the construction project with optimal costs pursuant to the contract agreement, technical standards and norms.

B. Concrete Test (Rebound Hammer Test) / 混凝土測試
- Rebound hammer test (Schmidt Hammer) is used to provide a convenient and rapid indication of the impressive strength of concrete. It consists of a spring controlled mass that slides on a plunger within a tubular housing.

C. Structural repair and strengthening.

Professional consulting firm based in Cambodia.

Operating consultation Engineering on:

Factory safety inspection/audit
Structural design and electrical design for all types of residential and commercial buildings
Project management, construction supervision and quality control for building construction
Structural repair and strengthening
Soil test and concrete test

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